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Nandyal works

The flagship Nandyal plant of JSW Cement Ltd. at Bilkalaguduru Village, Gadivemula Mandal in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh is designed to produce Clinker ~ 2.2 million ton per annum (mtpa) and Portland Slag Cement ~ 4.80 mtpa. It has state-of-the-art technology sourced from global vendors. The main objective is to complete utilization of Blast Furnace (BF) Slag generated by JSW Steel Ltd. This is a giant step by the company towards providing a product that is durable and at the same time eco-friendly.

The plant is notably environment friendly and also one of the most energy-efficient cement plants in India. By using blast furnace slag as raw material, the plant has dramatically reduced its consumption of limestone, a natural resource.

Unique features

 Impact crusher

Has 1,200 tonnes-per-hour (tph) capacity and is used to crush limestone sourced from captive mines. The plant has installed enough bag filters to confine the dust emission levels below 10 mg/Nm³.

Raw mills

The raw-meal grinding facility uses the latest Combi-Comflex technology that reduces power consumption substantially. The bag house is designed to ensure that emission levels from the stack remain below 10 mg/Nm³. We are the first company in the Indian cement industry to deploy this technology.

Coal circuit

Comprises unloading, storage and feeding systems. This has nuisance bag filters and process bag filters to keep emission levels below 10 mg/Nm³ across the coal mill circuit, from the truck-unloading stage to the end product storage areas. The coal mill stack has a continuous online monitoring system, which helps maintain emission levels at around 6-7 mg/Nm³.

Preheater and kiln

The Kiln is fired with coal and heated up to a desired temperature as per the process requirement.  Powdered raw meal from the rawmeal silo is fed into the Kiln through two string, six stages preheater system. The kiln and Calciner are fired with fine coal through specially designed burners. Raw meal is now sintered and converted into clinker which is cooled in Clinker Cooler. The cooled material is transported through deep pan conveyor and stored in covered clinker stockpile above the ground level.  In the pre-heater, we have provided Pyro Clone firing system and  Low NOx firing system to reduce the NOx leve in the pyro system. NOx level in flue gases is also continuously monitored in the CCR. The temperature is controlled automatically through increase/decrease in the firing system and also through Pyro clone system / Low NOx firing system.

Cement mills & Slag Mills

JSW Cement Ltd. is manufacturing Portland Slag Cement (PSC) by  blending  Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), which is  mix of clinker and gypsum, with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) by means of mechanical blenders conforming to IS 455:1989.

Packing plant

In the cement industry, packing plant personnel are heavily exposed to dust during the loading operations. We have installed the latest automatic packing and truck loading technology, ie the FLS Ventomatic system, to safeguard the health of our people. The system prevents overexposure to dust and other harmful pollutants.

Product portfolio

The Prime objective of Nandyal Cement works is for making Portland Slag Cement (PSC), which is mix of Blast Furnace Slag with Ordinary Portland Cement, it also produces Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) of 43, 53 Gr.


The quality of the GGBS produced by JSW is superior due to presence of high glass content (>90%) and good amount of lime. Hence, JSW PSC is meeting strength as well as durability requirements.PSC constitutes the most successful and widely used variety of slag cements throughout the world.

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