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Vijayanagar works

India’s first 10 MTPA steel plant at single location, “the fastest growing steel plant in India”.

The JSW Steel Vijayanagar plant is the first integrated steel plant to reach 10 MTPA capacity in a single location. It is the first in India to use the Corex technology for hot metal production.

The first hot strip mill at Vijayanagar was commissioned in 1997. Since then it has grown exponentially and now has an installed capacity to produce 10 MTPA of steel. Located at a remote village Toranagallu part of under developed North Karnataka in the Bellary-Hospet iron ore belt of Karnataka, the fully integrated steel plant, is well-connected with both the Goa and Chennai ports.

Unique features

Plant info

Low grade iron ore beneficiation facility

JSW Steel is India’s first steel manufacturer to introduce technology that uses low-grade iron ore. Conventionally, sinter is used as a blast furnace feed. In a patented initiative, JSW Steel uses sinter fines in the melter-gassifier unit of its Corex plant at Vijayanagar.

It is the first steel plant in India with a dry pelletising process, a technology suited to use soft iron ore available in the Bellary-Hospet region.

Coke Making

JSW Steel has a unique combination of non recovery and recovery coke making technologies. It is the largest stamp charge coke producer in a single location in the world with capacity 3.4 MTPA. Almost 100% of waste gases from recovery ovens are used as energy source, and also green renewable 70MW power is generated from the non recovery coke ovens through Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, utilising the waste gases

Hot Metal

Considered to be the best ‘green’ steel manufacturing technology, with its reduced demand for water and energy resources. The Company produces 1.6 MTPA hot metal from Corex technology. The plant houses two of India’s largest blast furnace of 3.2 million tonnes capacity each. Waste gas from the Corex and blast furnaces are used for power generation. Also, green renewable 25MW power is generated from TRT installed in the Blast Furnaces

Steel Making

It has installed 7 converters producing about 10 MTPA crude steel. Steel shops are equipped to produce value added steels for use in high end applications like Oil exploration, Automotive steel, infrastructure etc.


CRM II India’s largest Auto grade steel plant at Vijayanagar Works was commissioned on October 19, 2013 with a capacity of 2.3 MTPA. The project will cater the Auto industry in India and some of the best global car makers will use the CRM II products.

JSW houses India’s fastest and widest hot strip mill, which can roll products up to 2,100mm width and a speed 1250mpm. It is the first steel plant to install Continuous pickling/annealing line in India. The total capacity after expansion in 5 MTPA. The mill was commissioned along with electrical erection and automation in the shortest span and integrated with the Mill.

Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) activities at JSW Steel is focused towards Plant Performance Improvement (PPI), development of new processes and products, energy conservation and waste utilization. Some of the newer areas of work are recycling of wastes, such as coal fines, mill scale and other iron bearing wastes by agglomerating these materials into briquettes, beneficiation of BHQ, which would revolutionise hot metal making in future amongst others.

Products portfolio

Product portfolio of JSW Steel is designed based on market needs, growth areas and which provides the Company the competitive edge. Tentatively combination of flats to longs is ~ 84:16, which can vary as per market requirements.

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