The strength of businesses is determined not by how well they do in good times, but how well they sustain through periods of uncertainty and challenges.

Looked at from this prism, we at JSW Steel have demonstrated our ability to withstand such challenges and adversities through our performance in FY 2015-16. At JSW Steel, we did not just hold on to our production levels in such a scenario. In fact, we increased our installed capacity to 18 MTPA and reported our highest ever sales in the last quarter. We were not just content with the cost savings that the commodity price softening allowed us. We went a step ahead to achieve further operational efficiencies and enrich our product mix.

The unviability of exports also did not deter us. Instead we focused on growing our domestic sales and aggressively expanding our retail network and achieve higher branded sales. Our commitment to long-term, sustainable value creation stands validated. Thus for JSW Steel, FY 2015-16 was not just a year of staying strong, but also growing stronger.

Hightlights: FY 2015-16 Standalone


Net Turnover




Weighted average cost of debt as on March 31, 2016

7.50Per Share

Equity Dividend

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JSW Steel is the flagship company of JSW Group, part of the O.P. Jindal Group. JSW Steel is among the world’s most illustrious steel companies, and is India’s leading primary integrated steel producer.

JSW Steel has plants located across six strategic locations in South and West India, namely, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Our strategy of always staying on the leading edge of technical advancement has led to partnerships with global sector leaders; and has helped our plants rank among the world’s lowest-cost steel producers.

Key Metrics


Steel - making capacity


Position among worldclass global Steel makers as per WSD in 2016

Hightlights: FY 2015-16 Standalone

12.56 MT

Crude Steel Production

12.13 MT

Saleable Steel Sale


Gross Turnover


We offer the widest product portfolio in India and leverage our capabilities to customise offerings to fulfil specific customer needs. We are a pioneer in the use of innovative technology that keeps us ahead of competition.

  • Image 1

    Hot Rolled

    Cold Rolling & Galvanizing, Drawing & Press Forming, Electrical Stampings & Forming, Welded Tubes & Pipes

  • Image 1

    Cold Rolled

    Automobile, White goods, Cold Rolled formed sections, Drums & Barrels, Furniture

  • Image 1


    Roofing and Cladding, Ducting, Boxes, Coolers, Furniture, Heat Plates, Solar Heating Panels.

  • Image 1

    Colour Coated Products

    Roofing, White goods, Appliances, Automobile bodies, Cladding etc are the main application

  • Image 1


    Roofing and Cladding, Ducting, Boxes, Coolers, Furniture, Heat Plates, Solar Heating Panels

  • Image 1

    Electrical Steel

    Rotating Machines, Motors, Home Appliance, Fan, Power Transformer, Reactor, Magnetic Switches

  • Image 1

    TMT Bars

    Construction and Infrastructure

  • Image 1

    Wire Rods

    Automobile, General Engineering, Cold Drawing, Cold Forming, Spring Applications, Welding, Wire Ropes, Tools

  • Image 1

    Special Alloy Steel

    Crankshaft, Ball Joint, Steering, Shock Absorber, Transmission-Gears, Axle, Bearing, Coil Springs, Leaf Springs


The year 2015-16 was eventful for the country as a whole and for us at JSW Steel. We faced significant headwinds, but acted with resilience. We stayed strong and grew stronger, just as India did.

Against a backdrop of global turbulence and sluggish growth, India stands out as a haven of stability and an outpost of opportunity. During FY 2015-16, the country became the world’s fastest growing major economy, despite contraction in exports and two consecutive years of inadequate rainfall.

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  • Gross Turnover

    (in ₹ crores)

    Gross Turnover declined due to decline in realisations

  • Operating EBITDA

    (in ₹ crores)

    Higher production/plant utilisation and reduced cost of production contributed to a favourable EBITDA

  • Operating EBITDA Margin


    Operating Margin is lower mainly due to drop in realisations due to predatory pricing of imports

  • Profit After Tax

    (in ₹ crores)

    The Company posted a Net Loss due to provision for diminution in value of investments and loans and advances

  • Earnings Per Share

    (in ₹)

    In line with profitability

  • Contribution to Government & Society

    (in ₹ crores)

    5 years CAGR 14.3%

Gross Fixed Assets

(in ₹ crores)

Capacity expansion up to 18 million and additions of value-added steel manufacturing facilities

Adjusted Debt Equity Ratio


  • Dividend Per Share

    (in ₹)

  • Book Value Per Share

    (in ₹)

  • Crude Steel Production


    5 years CAGR 14.3%

  • Saleable Steel Sales

    (in ₹ crores)

    5 years CAGR 14.7%