Trees play important role in reducing Global Warming and there are many benefits in Human life such as Air, Food, Cloth, Energy and Beauty. On the occasion of Vanamahotsavam-A festival of tree planting i.e on 17- July -2015, CSR team of JSW Cement has planted 100 trees in the premises of schools of Bilakalagudur, Bujunur, Gadivemula and Manchalakatta villages


Swach Bharath Mission


JSW Cement aimed for Swach Bilakalagudur & Swach Bujunur by improving Sanitation and Cleanliness in the villages. As part of it, on 21-July-2015 employees of JSW Cement along with the employees of Panchaithraj Department and members of local Panchyats, participated in removing the dirt on the roads and Schools of the villages. Also supported 7 beneficiaries with 15 bags of cement each to the construction of Individual Household Toilets.


Swach Village


Improving access to sanitation in nearby villages is one of the aims of JSW Cement Ltd., as part of its CSR. Open defecation or lack of sanitation – is a major factor in causing various diseases.

To address this issue, JSW Cement Ltd, is creating awareness on two pit toilet method and supporting people below poverty line with 15 bags of cement to construct household toilets which is supplementary to the aid from government. We have given cement bags for 179 beneficiaries.