A.P.TRANCO (AP&Telangana) 9th May, 2013 Download
AP Genco-nlr-approval 22nd September, 2014 Download
APE & WDC LTD(AP&Telangana) 7th November, 2014 Download
APHB PSC(AP) 18th September, 2014 Download
CPWD(South) 17th January, 2015 Download
Delhi Metro-GBS Approval 31st October, 2015 Download
Delhi metro rail PSC. 10th October, 2013 Download
GO of Irrigation and CAD (AP) 18th September, 2014 Download
Housing Corp (AP&Telangana) 8th November, 2013 Download
MORTH-Approval1   Download
NTPC Chennai 14th July, 2012 Download
NTPC PO Compilation1 20th July, 2011 Download
NTPC, Solapur Enlistment 8th May, 2013 Download
Police Housing (AP&Telangana) 14th May, 2014 Download
Public-Health (AP) 3rd November, 2014 Download
PWD(T.N)-PSC 18th January, 2014 Download
R&B (A.P) 29th December, 2014 Download
Rajiv-Swagruha (AP&Telangana) 7th July, 2014 Download
Rural Development-Medak & Mbnr1 16th March, 2012 Download
Singareni-Collieries-Approval 18th September, 2014 Download
Telangana GO 20th March, 2015 Download
VSP Approval1 30th August, 2014 Download