Improving Living Conditions

  • In budget 2016 the government of Karnataka announced that JSW’s ‘Mission Against Malnutrition’ (MAM) model would be applied across the state. In December of 2016 the Govt of India issued a notice establishing SPIRULINA as Nutraceutical.
  • 8500+ children under 6 years, pregnant women, lactating mothers & 269 Anganwadis covered under MAM in 2016.
  • 46% reduction in malnutrition cases in DIZ registered
  • Farmers have benefitted immensely through the JSW-ICRISAT watershed development and crop productivity enhancement program. In FY 15-16, farmers have witnessed 19% average increase in Groundnut harvest, 27% average increase in Maize harvest, 41% average increase in Pearl Millet harvest and 29% average increase in Cotton harvest. 
  • DIZ in now open defecation free with over 650 individual toilets constructed. These toilets are connected to biogas units, which in turn benefits the households with cooking gas.
  • Every year, 18000+ people benefit from our healthcare intervention in the DIZ.
  • To benefit pregnant women and mothers of infants in the DIZ, Phone-Sakhi (a timed and targeted voice calling) was launched to remind them of approaching crucial days related to their pregnancy, infants’ immunization and general care.
    • Phone-Shakhi is currently benefitting 230 pregnant women in 2 Primary Health Centers (PHC).
    • Through this program these women have received up to 145 personalized voice messages of 60-90 seconds. These messages emphasizes on safe motherhood and child care practices
  • Facilitated up to 30 vermicomposting pits in DIZ
  • 127 farmers across 5 hectares of land have benefitted from our agriculture interventions (cost & labor effective techniques and multi cropping).
    • 26 farmers have reaped extra rewards after trying second crop for the first time. 
  • 4000+ people benefitted from various health camps
  • 204+ individual toilets constructed  
  • Watershed management in 109 hq and a total 5 ponds were deepened to increase capacity and reduce evaporation


  • 19 gram panchayats and 650+ people benefitted from EYE OPDs through organized eye care camps
  • Facilitated 34 cataract operations
  • 3 Primary Health Care’s units were upgraded to help pregnant women achieve safe motherhood
  • • Installed X-ray machines, Blood cell counter, automated biochemistry equipments, Baby Warmers, suction machines etc. in these PHCs


  • Upgraded Garola PHC of our DIZ with the installation of X-Ray machine, ECG Machine and blood analyzer.
  • 10 cataract operations were facilitated through eye camps