Facilitating the growth of rural India

Introducing and guiding people to access the supportive welfare schemes by the government.


Providing rural India access to applicable government schemes

JSW Foundation has launched ‘MargDarshak’ to empower rural India with access to applicable welfare schemes of central and state governments and allow them access to it through the outreach partner ‘Haqdarshak’. ( Haqdarshak is a tech platform that connects citizens with their eligible welfare schemes )

The primary audience of this program are communities within the Direct Impact Zone of our plants.

HaqDarshak uses a mobile-based application as an interface to collect relevant information from each applicant. The data is then matched with the eligibility criteria of various government schemes after which trained volunteers assist them in completing their applications along with supporting documents and other relevant data needed to be submitted. The volunteers work with the applicants through the process ensuring that all benefits reach the applicant at the right time.

So far, 190 volunteers have helped in 90,800 applications’ process. More than 70000 applications have been accepted and realized benefits worth INR 21.26 Cr.


Presently, the program is being implemented at Vijayanagar, Dolvi, Salem, Vasind, Tarapur, Kalmeshwar, Ratnagiri, Nandyal, Sholtu, Kutehr, and Barbil-Joda (Odisha).