JSW Foundation is committed to working towards the betterment for the cause related to children, adolescent girls, women and beyond - upholding to its philosophy of 'Janam Se Janani Tak' (JSJT).

Through JSJT JSW Foundation reaches out the girl child and takes care of all her needs. Right from her schooling, to training her in a vocational skill of her choice in her adolescent years, up until the time she is a mother. The JSJT cycle of employment continues in loop. JSJT also guides the inclusion of vulnerable women to undergo various skill training programs and small scale enterprises to restore their pride and dignity.


At JSJT our efforts are directed towards enabling an ideal scenario where women and girls have access to quality education, healthcare and livelihood skills. We help them build their own destiny and empower them to take vital decisions in their family and society at large.