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JSW Foundation launches flagship Fellowship Program for young changemakers


The JSW Foundation Fellowship is a transformative two-year youth leadership programme for the most promising young people of the country, that empowers them with deep insights into social development and nurtures a commitment to social change.

Through a personalised leadership journey, Fellows will be equipped to formulate their own understanding of rural and social development, support community and youth development, and affect change at the grassroots level.

The Fellowship is designed to nurture the innate leadership potential of extraordinary young Indians, through four key programme pillars- Skill Building, Rural Immersion, Peer Learning, and Mentorship.

The JSW Foundation works across the thrusts areas such as Water, Environment, Sanitation Sustainable Livelihoods, Community Development, Women Empowerment, Health & Nutrition, which the Fellowship adopts and accelerates innovative action towards. The Fellows will innovate and implement a project under the themes and look after end-to-end project management.

The Fellows will work towards understanding the challenges faced and the interventions in the specific themes they are assigned. At JSW Foundation, we are excited to welcome the first cohort of these young changemakers!

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