Rooting for the future

Sustainable prosperity of farming communities


JSW Foundation closely works with 6000+ farmers covering 5,800 acres of cultivable land through participatory approach striving to align to local, national and global goals (Sustainable Development Goals) while aiming to increase farm and off-farm incomes.

This is achieved through capacity building of the farmers, promoting an improved package of practices, advocating less water-intensive farming techniques and forging strategic partnerships. The emphasis is on the market-led sustainable enhancement of profits to make agri-livelihoods a preferred mode of occupation.


  • 6K+

    No. of farmers reached out

  • 17.4K

    Hectare of land treated through watershed management

Key initiatives

  • Partnered with the International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) for improving livelihood through Integrated Watershed Management to enhance water availability and use efficiency for increasing crop productivity among farmers, enhancing food security and also strengthening value chains for specific crop systems
  • Improving farmer’s livelihood by introducing them to high-yielding variety horticulture crops, precision farming methods.
  • Partnering with market players to connect the produce to the market for fast moving high-value crops.
  • Institution building by organizing farmers’ groups and strengthening farmer producer organizations to achieve economies of scale while also aiming to achieve convergence with government programs.