Restoring and Rebuilding the Pride of India

Aiming to protect and preserve the legacy of rich culture and heritage


Recognising the significant contribution of the culture in bringing forth the traditions and the gradual evolution of the communities and society, JSW Foundation actively supports organisations and initiatives that preserve and promote art, culture, and heritage of India. This is achieved through setting up art precinct, restoring the heritage structures and preserving legacy by establishing museums.

Key initiatives

  • Renovation of SNDT Kanyashala (renamed Jindal Centre for the Arts) in Mumbai.
  • Restoration of Chandramouleshwara Temple in Hampi, Karnataka
  • Restoration of Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue in Mumbai
  • Restoration of A 13th century village ‘kuldhara’ in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
  • Restoration of Krishna temple complex in Hampi – A UNESCO World Heritage Site 
  • Preserving performing art form ‘Manganiyar’, Rajasthan
  • Kaladham, an art and culture precinct at Torangallu, Karnataka
  • Restoration of JJ school of art, Mumbai