Conserving for Better Everyday

At JSW Foundation, we are committed towards restoring and sustaining our planet’s health


The JSW Foundation is steadfast to work towards mitigating adverse effects of climate change by bringing in innovative technology-based solutions to ensure clean villages, conserving and augmenting water, promoting biodiversity, sanitary living conditions & sustainable livelihoods. The key drivers to achieve this are strategic partnerships, promotion of effective water management practices and strengthening of community-level institutions.


  • 20L+

    No. of sapling planted

  • 7.5L+

    Mangrove saplings planted over 160 hectares of degraded land

  • 2L+

    Cubic meters of water conservation achieved

  • 50K+

    Cubic metres additional storage capacity created through de-silting

  • 7.6K

    Individual toilets built

  • 7.1K

    No. of households benefited with daily water supply

Key initiatives

  • Conserving mangroves along the shores of Kokan
  • Established ‘Nature Interpretation Centre’ at Daroji bear Sanctuary, in partnership with the Government of Karnataka.
  • Restoration of conventional water sources to revive natural water bodies to facilitate effective soil and water conservation.
  • Partnered with the Government of Maharashtra in its ‘Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan’ to build water conservation structures across villages in the Konkan region.
  • Working towards achieving ‘ZERO waste dumping’ status at all locations