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Shikar: A Platform for India's Fearless Fighters


JSW Hydro Energy Sholtu is supporting over 120 children and youth in the sport of Boxing. The objective is to train and promote talent from the state for representation in national and international championships. The company recently launched a platform for this purpose which is aptly named ‘Shikhar’.

On 3rd June 2019, a three days’ state-level under-19 Boxing Championship was held at Urni in Kinnaur district. More than 160 boys and girls, representing various districts of Himachal Pradesh participated in the championship. Mr. Perveen Puri, Plant Head, JSW Hydro Energy Sholtu graced the ceremony & distributed trophies and medals to the winners.

The main highlight of the event was the selection of Ms Deepika for the National Level championship to be held in Uttarakhand later this month. She was the gold medal winner in the current event. Another girl Ms Sujata from Sangla district won the silver medal. JSW’s Boxing Training Centre at Urni registered a couple of medals when Boxers Ms Sunidhi and Mr Devender won silver medals. Another set of boxers, Mr Abish and Mr Aman from JSW’s Nichar Training Centre brought in two Bronze medals. ;

Following are some of the key features & facilities of the five Boxing Training Centres in Himachal Pradesh:
a) Trainees are provided with a nutritious & balanced diet which includes eggs, fruit, milk, sprouts, soybean, oatmeal, etc.
b) All required training equipment like boxing gloves, punching pads & bags, head guards, bandages, etc
c) Professional coaching