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We’ll save the day!

JSW extends support to a local community school by repairing the roof damaged during the monsoons.

Bringing relief from the rain

A local community school in Bhatsanagar – Prakalp Vidyalay - that was built in 1978 was unable to withstand nature’s fury through the last monsoon season. The extent of the monsoon caused irreparable damage to the over 4 decades old wooden trusses – resulting in leaks that prevented from the classrooms to be used.

On hearing the plight of the community and the damage to the school, JSW Steel Coated Products Vasind Works took the initiative to help providing the school with 480 JSW Steel Color Coated Sheets that now makes the roof of the school replacing the wooden trusses and the cement roof sheets. .

The Shahapur Taluka Education Society, the trust now running the school, and the parents of the school extended their gratitude to the organization for ensuring that the school was now fully functional for the children