Bio Diversity

Manufacturing operations of JSW Steel do not cause any significant negative impact on biological diversity. JSW Steel expects its suppliers involved in mining and similar operations, with potential impact on biodiversity, to be compliant with applicable laws and take due care of biodiversity.
In addition, JSW Steel undertakes activities in and around our manufacturing sites to conserve, preserve and enhance the biological diversity.
We are signatories to the India Business & Biodiversity Initiative.
The Vijayanagar Works has implemented a plethora of initiatives to enhance the biological diversity in its neighbourhood.
Some of these include setting up a biodiversity park containing medicinal plants on the IUCN red-list [i.e., endangered species], treating the sewage from the township using
root zone treatment with the help of select plants, undertaking watershed management programme in the neighbouring villages resulting in multiple crops and
improving agricultural yields, extending the green belt in and around the Works area and township, and many more.