Living better. Doing better



At JSW, we are driven by BETTER EVERYDAY



Better because the ‘act of striving to be better at every instant’ has an inherent dynamism, a momentum to it. It’s not just Good. It’s not just the Best. It is not a steady state. It is brimming with dynamic enthusiasm.



What’s important takes time to build. It’s takes consistent effort. An undying commitment for the cause - today and everyday. We at JSW are committed to building the nation and the world. Here we are not talking about ‘milestone oriented mindset’ but a long term partnership. And that happens with investing to the ‘cause of betterment’ every single day. Therefore we put our best foot forward every day to ensure that we have the progress towards betterment.



Bettering ourselves helps us make ‘better’ happen for everyone else. We help ‘better’ happen for all the lives we touch – that means our employees, our business associates, our customers and the communities around the plants and facilities and the industry fraternity at large.


Ultimately, the brand is not what you say; it’s what you do. Central to a consistent brand experience for our customers, is a consistent internal culture and a set of ‘on-brand’ behaviors.

We’ve identified five key guidelines to living the JSW brand:

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Bettering tomorrow begins by believing that tomorrow can, in fact, be better. That means, we are always optimistic, even in the face of challenges. Because, optimism is the fuel that feeds our persistence.

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Along with optimism, bettering tomorrows also presupposes understanding what ‘better’ means, to our stakeholders. That translates to being empathetic, listening actively without prejudice or pre-conceived notions, and using that learning to guide our actions.

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The nation is what made us and for that, we are forever grateful. We believe in giving back to the nation. And that is expressed by wearing our nationality proudly, without being jingoistic or on the other hand, apologetic!

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Finally, transformation is seldom achieved without being bold. Being bold entails taking calculated risks without being scared of failure. It means taking the initiative and complete ownership of one’s task.