Responsible Supply Chain

An effective supply chain management ensures uninterrupted business activity and flexibility.
JSW Steel key elements of supply chain include,
(i) procurement of key raw materials like, coal, iron ore, lime stone, dolomite, coke etc.
(ii) transportation of raw materials
(iii) procurement of support services.
Raw materials are procured from within the country and also from outside. JSW Steel use ship, rail and road transportation.
Also, the company has been able to achieve, reduction in logistical footprint by making conscious efforts to increasingly shift to transportation of raw materials and products within India by rail.
In FY 2014-15, about 83% of all goods were transported via rail, as compared to 76% in FY 2013-14.
JSW Steel’s code of conduct and our policies related to work conditions, human rights, environment, and safety, are applicable to our suppliers.
These form a part of our contract with our suppliers and suppliers from time to time are made aware and assisted in complying with these requirements.
Our supply chain audits will have to be further complimented with stress on EHS, Labor, Human Rights and Societal Impact aspects.
Supplier engagement, in the form of interactions and supplier meet, is carried out at JSW Steel.
JSW Steel is sensitive to possible impacts of our supply chain on environment, society and economy, and take preventive actions.
JSW Steel identifies service providers that potentially could engage in unfair labor practices and monitoring, evaluation of such suppliers, regarding issues related to labor practices including human rights, is made rigorous.
During the reporting period, there were no penal actions or notices by relevant regulators, for violation of labor practices in the supply chain.
JSW Steel ensures that its suppliers deliver goods and services as per contract and , in turn, are paid, as in contract, on time.
To generate value for local economy and to create positive economic impact, JSW Steel engages with local suppliers.
JSW Steel is in the process of setting up a mechanism to define capture and track the extent and type of local suppliers.
Presently, JSW Steel identifies and builds capacity of local suppliers, before and during the engagement with them.