• Located 110km north of Mumbai.
  • Proposed captive facility will have capability to handle Bulk Container, LNG, Chemicals and other cargoes.
  • Primarily developed for captive need, the facility can handle commercial cargo up to 25% of the capacity (MMB Port Policy 2016).


The 6 facilities would include:

  • 6 General Cargo berths including Containers.
  • 1 Coal Berth.
  • 1 LNG Berth.
  • 3 Chemicals & Other Liquid Cargo Berths.
  • 200 Acres of storage facility.



Port E- Brochurer

JSW Jaigarh Port Tariff


Temporary pass form


Jaigarh Port Whistle

Blower Policy



Rail-Road Connectivity

Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) & Western Railway Corridor 8km away & NH-8, 22km from the site,
the facility provides excellent opportunity for decongesting neighbouring ports and catering to
EXIM requirements of South Gujrat & Northern Maharashtra