The all-weather port offers customised services for handling dry bulk, liquid, RoRo, break bulk and container cargo as well as a range of support services
Currently, the port is fully operational with 7 berths having a cargo handling capacity of 55 million tonnes per annum. Jaigarh aims to become one of the most modern and mechanized ports in India, benchmarked to international standards. The Port intends to be the facility of choice for all customers in Maharashtra and Karnataka by adopting and developing the latest technology. Jaigarh Port offers port related services in a way that ensures enduring value to the customers, community and environment.
In Phase III, the capacity will be expanded to 80 million tonnes with a total of 10 berths.
  • Coal / Iron Ore Yard Capacity 1,900,000 MT
  • Mechanised coal handling : 2 Nos. gantry Ship unloaders at Berth 1 of 2000 TPH each and 2 Nos. gantry ship unloaders at Berth 3A of 4500 TPH each
  • Closed conveyor system
  • 2 Nos. Stacker reclaimers of 4000 TPH stacking / 2000 TPH reclaiming each and 2 Nos. Stacker reclaimers of 6500 TPH stacking / 2500 TPH reclaiming each
  • Dust suppression and fire fighting systems for storage yards.
  • Warehousing capacity of 52,400 Sq.m.
  • 8 Nos. liquid tanks (Non-IMDG, Capacity 4x5200 KL, 2x9300 KL, 2x8800 KL

  • Six weighbridges with weighment range of 50 to 100T
  • Two mobile harbor cranes at Berth 2 (LHM 550) of 60T capacity each and Two mobile harbor cranes at Berth -3B (LHM-400) of 75T capacity each.
  • Two single lift EH5U Broma spreaders
  • Two reach stackers
  • 4 Nos. ship loaders of 2500 TPH capacity each
  • PDI facility for RoRo and refeers

Cargo Handling Infrastructure


Container Berth 3B and 4A Under Construction

LNG Terminal Proposed

Tug Berth Proposed

Expansion Plans

We want to be the port of choice for all customers along the west coast of India, by being the most modern and efficient,
benchmarked to international standards, and by ensuring enduring value to customers and communities.
Jaigarh Port serves a large hinterland covering parts of northern Goa, southern and western Maharashtra and Northern and Central Karnataka.
The development of the Port will signify a proportional development in these areas.
This will lead to an expansion in the Port’s activities along with a growth in the various types of cargo handled.



Expansion plans include the construction of an LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal, and a
roll-on-roll-off terminal facility. Jaigarh Port is slated to have a total of ten berths




Jaigarh Port has floated an SPV Jaigarh Digni Rail Ltd. with equity participation from MMB and KRCL to establish the rail connectivity.
The project is tentatively expected to be ready by Dec. 2018.

Covered Shed

Jaigarh Port is constructing a covered shed for storage and handling of Coke & Iron Ore for Coastal movement.
The covered shed would be 135m(W)x 50m(L) x46m(H) with retaining walls, Dust Suppression System and operational MHS underneath.
Berth Number Length (in Meters) Cargo Type Status Max Vessel Size
1 300 Mechanized Dry Bulk Berth Operational 2,00,000 DWT (Cape Size)
2 250 Multipurpose Berth Operational 2,00,000 DWT (Cape Size)
3A 306 Multipurpose Berth Operational

200000 DWT (Cape Size) &

Could Berth 400000 DWT (Valemax) in Future

3B 307 Container Berth Under Construction 18000 Teu +
4A 312 Container Berth Under Construction 18000 Teu +
4B 150 Tug Berth Proposed Tugs
5 345 LNG Terminal Proposed 267000 m3 (QMax)
6A 347 Coastal Berth Operational Up-to 50000 DWT, HandyMax
6B 350 Crude Oil + POL Terminal Proposed 340000 DWT (VLCC)
6C 350 Crude Oil + POL Terminal Proposed 340000 DWT (VLCC)
7 110 Off Shore Proposed Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs)