The South West Port is favourably situated within a major harbour in a large city – Vasco da Gama – with all the attendant facilities.

South West Port is conveniently located as it is connected to two National Highways — NH 17 and NH 4A; NH4A connects to the Mumbai-Bengaluru NH 14.

The Government of Goa is considering upgrading the Vasco-Londa state highway.


South West Port also has the unique advantage of a railway connection right at its terminals, with the Southwest Railway rail head entering the harbour to touch the terminal. This makes transportation of goods by rail easy.South West Port is the closest harbour to the industrial belt of northern and central Karnataka, particularly the steel industry cluster of Bellary, Hospet, which houses many steel and cement plants.


The nearest airport is the Goa International Airport, which is 8.4 kms from Mormugao Harbour.


The Zuari and Mandovi rivers provide inland waterway transport facilities, connecting the Mormugao Harbour — and the South West Port — with mines and manufacturing plants in the hinterland.