Other Regulatory Filings
Disclosure for encumbrances -SEBI (SAST) Regulations, 2011Download
Annual Corporate Governance ReportDownload
Proposed Draft Articles of AssociationDownload
Prospectus dated 17th December 2009Download
JSWEL - JSWPTC - JSWGEL Merger-Demerger
NCLT Approval for Scheme of ArrangementDownload
NCLT Order & Scheme - JSW Green Energy LtdDownload
NCLT Order & Scheme - JSW Power Trading Company LimitedDownload
1. Covering LetterDownload
A2 - Draft SchemeDownload
A3 - Valuation ReportDownload
A4 - Audit Committee ReportDownload
A5 - Fairness opinionDownload
A6 - Shareholding pattern - pre and postDownload
A7 - Audited financialsDownload
A8 - Compliance Report on Coporate GovernanceDownload
A9 - Compliance ReportDownload
A10 - Auditor's CertificateDownload
A11 - Details of CompaniesDownload
A12 - Net Worth CertificatesDownload
A13 - Capital Evolution DetailsDownload
A14 - CS UndertakingDownload
A15 - Statutoty Auditor CertificateDownload
A16 - Annual AccountsDownload
A17 - Category wise list of ShareholdersDownload
A18 - List of DirecorsDownload
BSE Complaints ReportDownload
BSE Observation LetterDownload
NSE Observation LetterDownload
NSE Complaints ReportDownload
Undertaking SEBI CommentsDownload
Board ResolutionDownload
JPTL MTR 2019 Petition
JPTL MYT Petition FY 2017-18 to FY 2014-25Download
List of Annexures
Annexure 1 - JPTL MYT 2019 Petition FormatsDownload
Annexure 2 Audited Accounts for FY 2017-18 & FY 2018-19Download
Annexure 3 MYT Accounting Statement for FY 2017-18 & 2018-19Download
Annexure 4 O&M contract of MSETCL with JPTLDownload
Annexure 5 Loan refinance arrangement with ABFLDownload
Annexure 6 Contingency Reserve Investment for FY 2017-18 & FY 2018-19Download
Annexure 7 Income Tax Challan paid for FY 2017-18 & FY 2018-19Download
Annexure 8 System Availability for FY 2017-18 & FY 2018-19Download
Annexure 9 Communication with MSETCL & Inspection report and MSETCL circular for TestDownload
Annexure 10 Replies to Data GapsDownload