Value Chain

1st Phase

Raw Materials

  • Optimise mix and sourcing of key inputs like iron ore and coal to weather a volatile pricing environment
  • Explore various contract options like long-term/spot/ indexing
  • Backward integration through acquisition of iron ore mines

Enabling production of steel at competitive rates, safeguarding and increasing market share, thereby generating value for shareholders

2nd Phase

Inbound Logistics

  • Modal shift: 80% of raw material transported via rail/sea
  • Centralised logistics cell to ensure end-to-end integration
  • Optimisation of infrastructure spend

Improving reliability and cost of logistics network, helping conserve financial capital and mitigating climate change

3rd Phase


  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities set up
  • Installation of latest technology to reduce consumption of water in operations
  • Energy management through waste heat and gas recovery

Reducing costs, improving profitability and conserving natural resources

4th Phase


  • Hot rolled steel: Construction and infrastructure, industrial and engineering, pipes and tubes, automotive and energy sectors
  • Cold rolled steel: Automotive and, industrial and engineering sectors
  • Electrical steel: Electric motors, generators, nuclear power stations and power plants, among others
  • Galvanised steel: Construction and infrastructure and consumer durables sectors
  • Colour coated steel: Construction and infrastructure, and consumer durables sectors

Forming the backbone of the Indian economy and enabling growth of core sectors

5th Phase

Outbound Logistics

  • Modal shift: 80% of finished products transported via rail/sea
  • Centrally integrated
  • Last-mile connectivity tracking using digital technologies

Higher reliability in dispatching, better monitoring of logistics, cost optimisation and improved supply chain efficiencies

6th Phase


  • Highly diversified portfolio
  • Focus on innovation and new value-added product development
  • Joint venture agreement with Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc., Tokyo, to set up contemporary steel processing centres

Developing 73 new grades with a 13% increase in sales of valueadded and special products

7th Phase


  • Recycling of steel scrap
  • Increase in recycling of water
  • Supply of recycled water for irrigation in water-starved regions around the operations

Reducing environmental footprint and demand for virgin resources