JSW Energy Limited

Integrated Annual Report 2020

Net Power Generation from our Hydro Plants in FY2020

The ongoing transition towards clean energy, driven by climate change concerns as well as technological shifts brings significant opportunities for JSW Energy to expand its footprint in the renewable space.

JSW Energy is committed to reduce its carbon footprint by transitioning towards renewable energy, and is uniquely positioned to deliver on this strategic objective.

India’s power demand has more than doubled over the last two decades and continues to increase with the country’s economic growth and rising population. It is expected that overall power demand will increase to ~2,700TWh by 2030, up from 1,500TWh in 20201. To meet the rising power demand in a sustainable manner, demand for carbon-free and commercially attractive renewable power will increase. This will also place additional demand on electricity networks, creating the need for further investments in expansion and modernisation of transmission infrastructure.

There are several factors that have made renewable energy segment the centrepiece of India’s long-term power story. As the world comes to terms with the enormity of the threat posed by climate change, India has embarked on one of the world’s largest clean-energy expansion programmes. New technologies have enabled an exponential growth in the renewable energy sector over the past five years further supported by a steady inflow of domestic and foreign capital, and improving project economics. Renewable energy sector has also received massive support from the Government in the form of policies and targeted programmes for its promotion including an ambitious goal of 450 GW of renewable capacity by 2030.

Renewable energy will be the focus of JSW Energy’s strategic objectives going forward. As the energy sector is expected to undergo a significant transformation, JSW Energy will persevere to drive this transition towards clean energy, supported by its robust Balance Sheet and project execution expertise, thereby enhancing stake holder value and creating a sustainable future for the generations to follow.