JSW Energy Limited

Integrated Annual Report 2020

Increase in PAT YoY

Our strategic foresight underscores our ability to endure the challenging sector dynamics, and pave way for a positive and sustainable future.

We believe our enduring business model will enable us to navigate the era of rapid change and create sustained long-term value for stakeholders.

Our enduring business model reflects multiple advantages – strategic plant locations, diversified fuel sources, efficient raw material sourcing and blended off-take arrangements, thereby enabling us to operate without any constraints and to keep pace with rapid change, uncertainty, and complexity. Moreover, our strategic foresight and structured process orientation helps in early identification of headwinds thereby enabling us to devise appropriate response strategies that bodes well in weathering through a turbulent external environment.

At JSW Energy, we constantly aim to improve our operational efficiency, aided by digitisation and technology, which helps in reducing susceptibility to outages and potential downtime.

By successfully managing our operations, minimising environmental impact and employing cutting-edge innovation, JSW Energy has secured its position as one of the industry frontrunners. As the industry matures further, we remain committed to creating an organisation that generates long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.