JSW Energy Limited

Integrated Annual Report 2020

Total Energy Saved in FY2020

We understand that it is our responsibility to ensure that we are using our power plants most responsibly and efficiently to ensure the minimal negative impact on the environment.

We regularly assess and initiate critical actions towards utilising clean technology, achieving energy efficiency, and enhancing renewable ways of energy production.

At JSW Energy, we focus on achieving growth by continuously improving our operating efficiencies by adopting the best global industry practices. While striving for robust growth, we also consistently deliver on our commitment to operate responsibly and contribute to our community and environment.

All our power plants maintain emissions and waste within the permissible limits by keeping a constant check on our waste production, and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) emissions. Furthermore, we have taken several initiatives to monitor and control the impact of our business activities on the environment. We have improved our emission standards and reduced the auxiliary power consumption with the help of various in-house operations and process improvements.

We have taken significant initiatives towards using clean technology, achieving energy efficiency, and promoting renewable ways of energy production. Our commitment towards the environment is embedded in all our processes and we fully understand our responsibility to ensure that we operate our power plants in a diligent manner that minimises our carbon footprint.

Our broader aim is not just to protect and preserve the environment but also to replenish it. While our power plants are compliant and operate within the permissible limits prescribed by national and local authorities, we also undertake significant efforts such as tree plantation, water recycling, and safe disposal of fly-ash, amongst others. to ensure that our business activities are in consonance with environmental sustainability.

We strive relentlessly to lower the impact of our actions on the environment and regular measure our environmental performance as we strongly believe that our growth will not be sustainable without achieving ecological balance.