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India is emerging as the global auto industry’s favourite manufacturing destination, and our cutting-edge steel products are fueling its success. Lightweight, cost-effective and fuel-efficient vehicles are the future. At JSW Steel, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with the auto sector to realize this vision. From the concept to the design, from production to commercialization, we bring the entire gamut of solutions to our clients.

With our experience, expertise and focus on innovation, we deliver products and services that more than meet their high QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) expectations.

JSW Steel in the Auto Sector

  • For us, it’s not just about meeting customer needs. It’s about driving the auto industry forward through our products and services. Nowhere is this more visible than with our ongoing collaboration with JFE Steel Corp., Japan, and our massive investments in state-of-the-art cold rolling mills at Vijayanagar Works.
  • Through a joint venture with Marubeni Itochu Steel Inc. Japan, we’re setting up steel service centers at key locations in India. These centers will offer JIT (Just In Time) solutions to auto and other segments.
  • As one of the key drivers of the economy, the auto industry deserves special focus. To this end, we’ve set up a strategic business unit – automotive (SBU-A). It’s a separate vertical in our marketing department that approaches the sector holistically, with the long road in mind.
  • With a capacity of 1 MTPA, our special steel manufacturing facility at Salem caters to the auto industry in India and abroad. We offer a wide range of long products to meet end-use applications such as suspension, transmission, engine and chassis components.

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