Capital-wise highlights FY 2018-19

A year of record performance

Financial capital

Refers to the funds available to the Company to create value through asset creation and production processes, or funds generated by its operations. These include debt, equity, retained earnings, internal accruals and investments, among others.

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` 84,757 crore

Revenue from operations


Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)

` 18,952 crore

Operating EBITDA

Manufactured capital

Pertains to the facilities for steel production and processing, including the structures and equipment at the plants, along with supporting infrastructure for logistics, warehousing and sales.

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18 MTPA*

Installed capacity

16.69 MnT**

Crude steel production


Exclusive and non-exclusive retail outlets

Intellectual capital

Covers the knowledge base of the organisation, and includes the systems, processes, patents, trademarks, copyrights and new value- added products developed through R&D, improvement initiatives and collaboration with institutions.

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` 45 crore

R&D expenditure


New grades developed and customised


Patents filed during the year

Human capital

Includes the skills, capabilities, experience, diversity and level of motivation of the on-roll and contractual employees along with their safety, wellbeing and the ability to align with the organisation’s vision.

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Employee attrition rate


Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)


Training hours per employee

Social and relationship capital

Refers to the trust-based, mutually beneficial relationships of the Company with key stakeholders such as investors, customers, vendors, society and government, among others.

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` 63 crore

CSR expenditure


Beneficiaries of community initiatives

3.88 out of 5

Customer satisfaction index

Natural capital

Includes resources such as iron ore, coal and other minerals along with air, water, energy, land and biodiversity, which are either utilised by the Company or impacted by its operations.

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Iron ore mines operationalised

3.79 m3/TCS

Specific water consumption

4.5 MnT

Material reused and recycled

Note: The information for financial and manufactured capital is at the consolidated level, while other information pertains to JSW Steel Ltd., unless stated otherwise.

*Million Tonnes Per Annum    **Million Tonnes