About Partnership & AISTS INDIA


JSW Sports and New Horizons Alliance are delighted to enter into a partnership to transform the sports education landscape in India! Unlock a whole new world of leadership and management opportunities, that touch every corner of the sports industry and extends beyond it.

AISTS, the world’s leading sport management institute, proudly opens its doors in India which is home to the largest student population in the world, as also some of the brightest and most industrious. New Horizons Alliance Private Limited, under the brand name AISTS INDIA, is AISTS’s official partner in India.

AISTS INDIA has been conceived with the vision of using sports education as a metaphor for learning and development to mould world-class sports administrators and business leaders. The founders include the best minds from the field of sports, business, technology, academia and hospitality. They comprise the International Olympic Committee (IOC), EPFL, IMD, University of Lausanne, Ecole Hotelier (EHL) and University of Geneve. By studying at AISTS INDIA you are truly immersed and exposed to the global world of sport and business.

Study at AISTS INDIA and open yourself up to the possibilities of postgraduate education. Recent graduates can enrol in our 12-month Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Sport Management & Technology, and experienced professionals can opt for the 45-day Executive Education Certificate Programme in Sport Management.

Watch Claude Stricker, Executive Director of AISTS introduce AISTS INDIA to the world. 

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