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TMT Bars


JSW Steel TMT Bars, branded as JSW Neosteel, are the finest HYQST (High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered) TMT Bars in India. 

What sets JSW Neosteel apart is the manufacturing process that ensures a product of unmatched quality. For starters, it is made from virgin iron ore, which gives it the highest grade of purity. Then, there’s the state-of-the-art rolling process, which imparts uniform properties across the bar. Complete control on the heat treatment also gives it a combination of higher strength and ductility, and makes it highly resistant to earthquakes. Proof of its superiority, is the fact that it conforms to Indian, American, British and Australian Standards. It is also environment-friendly, having been made in a zero-effluent discharge plant. Most importantly, JSW Neosteel meets the specific demands of clients through a host of customised products, and comes with expert services in application and end use. Little wonder, then, that it has been chosen for building the most prestigious infrastructure projects across the country, including the Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai Metro Rail, the Yamuna Expressway, and the international airports in Delhi and Mumbai.  

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  • It is highly pure, which gives it enhanced strength and durability.
  • It bonds perfectly with cement, thanks to its best-in-class rib pattern with the highest AR value. That means more resilience to any kind of load.
  • It is highly resistant to earthquakes, due to a combination of higher strength and ductility. A high UTS/YS ratio of 1.15 minimum raises its capacity to absorb energy.
  • It is easily weldable, due to its low carbon content. It can be easily butt-welded, lap-welded and manual arc-welded, without any pre-heating.
  • It is highly anti-corrosive, due to its unique, uniform microstructure and the absence of residual stresses.
  • It is also easily bendable, due to its inherent microstructure with a soft ferrite and pearlite core.
  • It has higher fatigue resistance, due to its uniform, thoughtfully designed rib pattern. This makes it ideal for cyclic load situations.


Residential Buildings
Airports and Metro Rail
Roads, Bridges and Flyovers
Commercial Complexes
Industrial Structures
Power Plants

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