About Dharamtar Port
Efficient, world-class facilities to handle bulk and break bulk cargoes.

Located on the Amba River, JSW Dharamtar Port is sheltered from the vagaries of the weather on the coast by being about 16 kms inland from the mouth of the river.


Marine Infrastructure Facilities

The JSW Dharamtar Port jetty is equipped with:

• 5 berths in line

• 2 mobile harbour cranes

• 2 barge unloaders with handling capacity of 550 TPH each

• 3 conveyor belts

• Weighbridge with capacity of 100 tonnes

• Transshipment stacking area of 10 acres


The JSW Dharamtar Port jetty has a length of 331 metres, with a draft of 4.5 metres at high tide and 3 metres at low tide.


Cargo Handling Infrastructure

Facilities Include:
• One weighbridge with 100 tonnes capacity
• 20 barges, with capacities ranging from 2,500 DWT to 3600 DWT
• 2 barge unloaders, handling 550 tonnes per hour
• 1 mobile harbour crane (LHM-250), handling 800 tonnes per hour
• 1 mobile harbour crane (LHM-280), handling 950 tonnes per hour
JSW Dharamtar Port has a well equipped customs notified warehousing space. Focused on the needs of the JSW Ispat Steel plant, all cargo is dry bulk cargo. It has facilities for handling bulk and break bulk cargo.
Imported cargo includes limestone, iron ore pellets, lumps and fines, dolomite, hot briquette iron, DRI, coke, PCI coal, and scrap iron.
Port handling capacity is in the range of 45,000 tonnes per day for Iron Bearing Raw Materials.


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Container Berth 3B and 4A Under Construction

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