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" One Million PEOPLE "

1000 + Villages  |   9 states 

Administered Spirulina to 24,000+ Children (Under the age of 6 years) and lactating mothers.

Growth Monitoring of 40,000 Children through mobile phone based application.

Health care outreach is reaching out to more than 1.5 lakh people annually.

Reaching out to over 60000 children and mothers to tackle malnutrition.

Over 1500 institutional deliveries and prenatal care reaching out to over 9000 women.

Improving cropping practices in over 7000 hectares of land.

Over 30000 children benefitted from education initiatives.

Over 5000 youth trained in employable vocational skills.

Rural BPOs benefitted over 900 women.

664 Self Help Groups bringing over 7900 women together.

70000 cubic meters of water conservation achieved.

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