We always aim to give back more. One of our many such efforts is Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital.


With an area of over 1,30,000 square feet, the hospital is the first of its kind in the area. When it is ready, Dolvi’s residents will benefit from the expert diagnoses, diverse therapies and high-quality treatment facilities they deserve.

Our Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital will provide a lot of facilities. An out-patient department with 20 resident doctors, 4 operation theatres and recovery beds along with 5 emergency beds, 28 beds in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 6 beds in Neonatal ICU and 2 beds as well as 2 delivery rooms in the Maternity Ward.

In terms of equipment too, the hospital will stop at nothing. It’ll have a full-fledged Radiology Department with MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray and Ultrasound facilities, along with 6 dialysis beds, along with modern Diagnostic Labs.

As a marked contrast from other hospitals, Jindal Sanjeevani Hospital plans to have plenty of natural lighting in its design, acting as a “point of pause”.

The project will be completed in 2019, but our contributions to the well-being of the communities around us will continue.