Where steel and sloth bears
thrive together.

Our Nature Interpretation Centre
at Daroji Bear Sanctuary, Karnataka.

At JSW, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s the way we do business. The way we’ve always done it. For us, it’s not enough to make sure that our manufacturing operations don’t have a negative impact on the ecosystem. We go a step further, taking up activities and initiatives to conserve and enhance the biological diversity around our sites.

As part of this effort, we’ve built a state-of-the-art Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) at the Daroji Bear Sanctuary, situated close to our Vijayanagar plant in Karnataka. Daroji is Asia’s largest and India’s only natural habitat for Sloth Bears, created exclusively for its preservation. Today, it is home to 120 bears, along with leopards, hyenas, and several other animals. Nearly 90 species of birds and 27 species of butterflies have also been identified here.

The Interpretation Centre, launched in association with the Forest Department of the Govt. of Karnataka, shines the spotlight on the stunning biodiversity in the region. With special focus on the Sloth Bear, it also supports its preservation in the country immensely.

Spread over 9,100 sqft, the centre is a wildlife lover’s dream. It features an 80-seater auditorium to showcase documentaries and movies of the ecosystem, a photography exhibition centre, a walkthrough of wildlife, an open museum with replicas of wild animals, a craft shop for souvenirs, an office block for the RFO and more.

The centre also hosts several 'Teach the Mentor' programmes, where school and college teachers from Ballari and neighbouring districts experience and learn more about the region’s biodiversity first-hand. That way, they can educate the next generation about the importance of conserving the ecosystem, too.

Through initiatives like this, we continue to partner with the communities around us to conserve the ecosystem and leave a positive impact on the planet.


Legend has it that Lord Ram, on his way to Lanka, formed his army at the banks of the Tungabhadra. It was an army of monkeys of course, but it also included
Jambavantha, the Bear King. Little wonder, therefore, that the Daroji Wildlife Sanctuary today is a safe haven for the Indian sloth bear. It is the only one of its kind
in India: a place where sloth bears can grow, feed and sustain in peace. Not only does it have plenty of food and shade for the sloth bears, but it also provides
an ecosystem where they can thrive. To know more, see the video below:


"The Centre at the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is a one-of-its-kind joint effort by JSW and the Govt. of Karnataka, to protect the surrounding flora and fauna. We look forward to playing our part in making it the 'Nalanda University' of wildlife."

Dr. Srinivas Kedar, Chief - CSR, JSW Foundation
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Rise in visitors since the centre opened.
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Sloth bears protected by the sanctuary

The Planet Comes First.

While the JSW Foundation runs a wide range of initiatives across areas, environmental issues are a top priority for us. By finding sustainable solutions to these problems, we hope to create real impact in the long run.

Apart from the centre at Daroji, we’re also involved in short and long-term efforts to rejuvenate water resources, which make safe drinking water easily accessible to more and more people. Through initiatives to restore the mangrove cover around our plants in Jaigad and Dolvi, we’re not only supporting biodiversity, but also the livelihood of communities living in these areas.