A meaningful reason to delight over 100 special children


With the setup of the new building at the Tamanna School in Toranagallu, JSW Foundation has facilitated the development of children with intellectual disabilities by providing space for another 100 students


JSW Foundation is dedicated to the cause of ensuring equitable development to all. Keeping this in view, JSW Foundation had built Tamanna School at the OP Jindal Centre in Toranagallu.  

In midst of this journey, we realized that special children have special needs. They need a spacious Environment and additional counseling facilities. With the limited space in the OP Jindal Center, this was becoming difficult. Recognizing this impediment of space, the JSW Foundation has come up with a new Tamanna building at OP Jindal Complex. The newly constructed building can now accommodate more than 100 students. The building was inaugurated on Wednesday by Shri Rajashekhar Pattanashetty, President JSW Steel Vijayanagar works, in the presence of senior JSW Executives and teachers along with overjoyed children of Tammana School.

Tamanna School for Specially abled children was started in the year 2008 by Mrs. Sangita Jindal, Chairperson, JSW Foundation.  It was her vision to start the school to provide quality education and services related to specially abled children. Back then the school started with 4 students currently the school has 102 students enrolled. 

The new school building, built at the cost of INR 3.2 crores, has modern facilities like well-equipped physiotherapy room with trained full-time physiotherapist, well trained and experienced speech therapist to provide support services to all students. Extracurricular facilities like sports, Music, Dance and dedicated vocational rooms are also made available in the new school building. Training will be provided to students in eight sports' category.  All these sports' disciplines are a part of Special Olympics. This will help students to showcase their potential at international level.

The School is currently focusing on academic improvement of each student. Taking this forward an individualized education plan will be designed for each and every Tamanna student. Besides this Tamanna school will extend its support to JAV ( Jindal Adarsh Vidyalaya) and JVM ( Jindal Vidya Mandir) schools by helping students through remedial teaching services on regular basis.

In future, a school for hearing impaired students will be planned in the new facility. Good health is a major concern for children with special needs. Tamanna School will now have periodic health review of every student by a Psychiatrist, ENT specialist, and general physician on regular basis. More vocational activities have been planned and also going to take place in the new school. With 15 spacious rooms, exclusive dining and kitchen facilities, lush green garden and sports facilities this new Tamanna school are definitely going to have a major impact on students life as well as on the whole community.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Rajashekhar Pattanshetty said that the JSW is dedicated to the holistic development of the society. He said that a person with a single amputated leg cannot walk. In a similar way, a crippled country cannot walk. We need to provide equal opportunities to all. JSW is committed to providing equal opportunities to everyone. Tamanna is a small step in this regard.  He further said that JSW is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to all. In this regard, if more funds are required, JSW will not shy away from providing them.