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Winner of ‘Grow Care India
CSR Award 2018’

JSW Bags ‘Grow Care India Award 2018’

On 25th July, 2018, JSW Jaigarh Port Ltd. received the Grow Care India Award in the Gold category. The award recognises the company’s outstanding performance in their CSR management.

Jaigarh Port is popularly known to contribute towards the inclusive development of the fishermen community. They also strive to make life better by creating opportunities for every Indian, as well as working towards building a sustainable, dynamic and developed nation.

A Monumental Celebration

On 25th July, 2018, during a monumental celebration in New Delhi, JSW Jaigarh Port Ltd. was honoured with a Grow Care India Award for its exceptional CSR work. Mr. Sudhir Tailong and Ms. Yogita Mahakal from Jaigarh CSR team received the award on behalf of the company.

In the last few years, Jaigarh Port has been working tirelessly towards achieving their goals of providing distress relief to the fishermen community at large.

Some of the initiatives spearheaded by their CSR team are:

  1. Managing sustainable fisheries through ice plants.
  2. Providing drinking water throughout the year.
  3. Enabling better learning experience in JVM, government schools and Anganwadis.
  4. Promoting women self-help groups and their small-scale enterprises.
  5. Conserving and preserving mangroves.
  6. Participating in HIV/AIDS campaign for truck drivers.
  7. Developing infrastructure in rural areas.