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JSW Group’s flagship JSW Steel is India’s leading and one of the world’s most efficient integrated steelmakers. At JSW Steel, we are continuing our journey of growth by stepping up our operational excellence. We are progressing across markets with innovation, digitalisation and sustainability as our key anchors. With efficient integrated operations and a clear vision for the future, we are executing our strategic growth plan in line with India’s growing steel demand. Our wide spectrum of innovation, robust ESG commitments and a drive to be #BetterEveryday, enable us to consistently create responsible value, for everyone.


Standalone crude steel capacity

37.5 MTPA

Expected capacity by
FY 2024-25 together with subsidiaries and JVs


Exclusive and non-exclusive retail outlets

100+ countries

Export footprint


Iron ore mines operated


Direct employees

Operational presence

Extensive and integratred footprint across strategic locations

We operate strategically located manufacturing units across geographies (India, US and Italy) with distinct competitive advantages. Our three integrated steel plants (ISPs) at Vijayanagar, Dolvi and Salem continue to be our mainstay, and the upstream and downstream capacity augmentations are enabling them to cater to present and future demand. In the past two years, we have also operationalised 13 iron ore mines across Karnataka and Odisha, achieving long-term security of iron ore. This is a key raw material in steelmaking and helps enhance our cost competitiveness and consolidate our position as a leading integrated player across the steel value chain.

Manufacturing Units

Vijayanagar Works (ISP)

Dolvi Works (ISP)

Salem Works (ISP)





JSW Vallabh Tinplate Private Ltd. (JSWVTPL)

Vardhman Industries Ltd. (VIL)

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Product showcase

Branded portfolio

Colour coated and roofing products
Alloy-based sheets
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Innovation spectrum in FY 2020-21

Automotive OEMs

General engineering


Consumer durables

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Better value everyday for everyone



New grades/products developed

7.8 MnT

Total VASP sales volume

9% y-o-y growth


New retail outlets


`2,506 crore

Total benefits and compensation disbursed


Total classroom and e-learning hours


`176 crore

CSR expenditure* (consolidated)

~5.5 lakh

Direct and indirect beneficiaries

*`86.49 crore transferred to separate unspent account





Dividend per share

`46,145 crore

Consolidated networth (includling NCI)

Government and Regulators

`12,864 crore

Contribution to exchequer (Standalone)

Suppliers and Partners


MSME vendors


MSME vendors from total active vendors

"We are committed to a circular economy and consistently optimizing our water, waste, carbon and energy footprint, by aiming to achieve stricter than mandated standards, while being part of an industry that provides a large-scale solution to combat climate change."

Sajjan Jindal

Chairman and Managing Director

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Message from the Joint Managing Director and Group CFO

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"We have created sufficient buffer in our balance sheet by focusing on prudent capital allocation, with the result that our gearing ratios and interest coverage look very comfortable, even beyond the norms we had guided earlier."

Seshagiri Rao MVS

Joint Managing Director and Group CFO

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Investment case

Strong fundamentals paving
stronger growth path

Strong financial

`79,839 crore

Revenue from operations*


`20,141 crore



`7,873 crore



`65,293 crore

Economic value distributed

`14,546 crore

Economic value retained

*Economic value generated

Robust operational

15.08 MnT

Crude steel production

14.95 MnT

Saleable steel sales

84 %

Average capacity utilisation


Iron ore from captive sources

`13,477 69%

EBITDA/tonne of sales

52 %

Sales from Value-added and Special Products (VASP)

`427 crore

Cost savings from digitalisation


Conversion cost per tonne (Standalone)

Progressed on our
strategic growth performance


Dolvi brownfield expansion near commissioning

2.5 MTPA

Brownfield expansion at Vijayanagar in progress

Bhushan Power and Steel Ltd.

2.5 MTPA crude steel capacity

Asian Colour Coated Ispat Ltd.

1 MTPA downstream capacity

Plate and Coil Mill Division of Welspun Corp

1.2 MTPA

Vallabh Tinplate Pvt. Ltd.

0.1 MTPA of tin plate capacity

Supported the nation
amid the COVID-19 crisis

20 lakh

Patients across 530 hospitals benefitted


Beds provided across JSW hospitals


Volunteers at Vijayanagar engaged in community awareness

55,000+ MT*

Consolidated volume of medical oxygen supplied

*March-May 20, 2021

1,200 MT**

Oxygen provided daily across 9 states

**May 1-May 20, 2021


Volunteers at Dolvi engaged in community awareness

Improved our
leverage ratios


Net debt to EBITDA compared to 4.50x in FY 2019-20


Net debt to Net worth compared to 1.48x in FY 2019-20

Consistently delivered on our
environmental stewardship


Reduction of absolute GHG emissions (scope 1 + 2)


Reduction of energy intensity within the organisation


Reduction of specific water consumption in iron and steelmaking processes


Reduction in specific dust emissions from process stacks

Enhanced our safety track record
Moving closer to the ‘Zero Harm’ goal

0.26 LTIFR



Senior personnel participated in monthly safety webinars

5+ lakh

Safety observation conducted


E-learning safety modules completed

Contributed to communities
throughout the year


Women beneficiaries through women-only BPOs


Students supported through UDAAN Scholarship


Community toilets created


Farmers reached

Achieving best-in-class performance

The financial year 2020-21 began with disruptions to economic activity owing to the curbs
announced to contain the spread of COVID-19 in India. The initial phase of the nationwide lockdown
impacted the industry and our business significantly.

Swift response

Capacity ramp up post reopening

Odisha mines operationalisation

Ability to quickly change sales mix

Employee and community well-being

Swift response

Maintain focus on strategic initiatives

Focus on ESG

Operational efficiency

Project completion

Strategic acquisitions

Maintain focus on
strategic initiatives

Financial prudence

Strong financial & liquidity management


Integrated approach to value-creation


Building world-class infrastructure, products and solutions

Deploying world-class

Nurturing our


Building on our six anchors

At JSW Steel, we continue to deliver on our six strategic focus areas, that define our future roadmap. During FY 2020-21, we have progressed across all fronts of growth, brand, raw material security, efficiency, financial management and sustainability, and have optimised our performance amid a dynamic external environment.


Strategic growth

Expanding our installed capacity through organic and inorganic routes to capitalise on opportunities and align with India’s growth story

Capitals allocated
Capitals allocated
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Diversification of product profile and customer base

Innovating and offering value- added and differentiated products with a strong branded portfolio

Capitals allocated
Capitals allocated
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Backward integration and raw material security

Securing raw material supply through captive mines, long-term contracts, and an efficient supply chain

Capitals allocated
Capitals allocated
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Focus on resource optimisation

Achieving cost efficiency and maximising resource utilisation through varied interventions across operations

Capitals allocated
Capitals allocated
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Prudent financial management

Maintaining an optimal capital mix and diversifying our debt profile, while powering our growth ambitions

Capitals allocated
Capitals allocated
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Mainstreaming sustainability in business imperatives

Embedding good governance and economic, environmental, and social sustainability into everything we do to create value for our stakeholders

Capitals allocated
Capitals allocated
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Climate change
Water resources
Waste water

Air emissions
Sustainable mining
Local considerations

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Focus area

Globally, there is a clear transition to cleaner energy and fuels. A definite megatrend, it’s an opportunity for industries such as steel with conventionally large-scale dependence on fossil fuels, to relook at their energy mix and ensure energy sufficiency for the future.

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Focus area

With burgeoning population and increasing urbanisation, demand for resources has significantly increased worldwide. The competition between industries and nations are expected to increase, and in this context, prudent sourcing, long-term raw material security and efficient utilisation assume priority.

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Water resources

Focus area

The requirement for freshwater is rising across communities and industries, and there is a global focus on achieving water security. Innovative ways of sourcing and managing water are being sought across the board, to manage persistent and long-term challenges

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Focus area

Every year, over 11 billion tonnes of solid waste is collected globally, and its disposal and management pose significant challenges. Lack of proper treatment of waste causes several spillover effects, including organic decay of matter that contribute to GHG emissions, and non-decay of single-use plastics that clog the natural ecosystem.

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Waste water

Focus area

Industrial waste and effluents, along with domestic sewage, can threaten natural ecosystems and communities if disposed without treatment. Globally, about 80% of wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused, contributing to a situation where around 1.8 billion people do not have clean drinking water. There is thus a significant need for the industry to consciously manage their effluents and restrict discharge into natural water bodies.

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Air emissions

Focus area

Particulate Matter (PM), SOx and NOx are pollutants that can have severely detrimental effects on local ecosystems, air quality, habitats, agriculture, and human and animal health.

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Focus area

Biodiversity is increasingly being challenged on land and water, through deforestation and habitat loss, overexploitation, the presence of invasive species, pollution and the impact of climate change. The preservation and restoration of biodiversity are critical for maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

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Social performance

Indigenous people
Cultural heritage
Employee well-being
Supply chain sustainability
Social sustainability

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Employee engagement and well-being

Focus area

We maintain a healthy dialogue with our employees, to ensure that their needs are adequately met and their time with the organisation is valued and fruitful.

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Social sustainability

Through our Group’s social arm, JSW Foundation, we contribute to the progress of the communities inside and outside our direct impact zones. We are of the firm belief that community well-being is the outcome of collaborative developmental models that are replicable, scalable and sustainable.

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Supply chain sustainability

At JSW Steel, suppliers are an integral part of our business, who contribute to our growth and viability as a business.

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Guided by the tenets of transparency and openness, our governance approach focuses on the effective working of the management and Board, while ensuring that corporate behaviour remains responsible.

Ethics and integrity
Human rights

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Ethics and integrity

Focus area

Ethical behaviour in all operations, functions and processes is the cornerstone of any business, guiding their governance of economic, social and environmental responsibilities. A strong and fully embedded commitment to undertaking business ethically brings considerable benefits, including improved consumer perception (leading to increased loyalty), greater investment, reduced costs, and enhanced employee motivation, involvement and interaction.

At JSW Steel, our policy on business conduct demonstrates our commitment to embed sound governance, deliver transparency, tackle corruption, manage risks. Our Board of Directors oversees our codes of conduct, overall corporate behaviour and integrity of the organisation.

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Human rights

Focus area

At JSW, we strongly advocate against all kinds of discrimination and stand with our team in the event of any violation. We strive to involve all employees in upholding and sustaining the SA8000 policy in our operations. We are committed to ensuring a workplace adhering to international guidelines and conventions such as ILO.

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