Barmer Plant
Detailed NIT Lime Package ADownload
Detailed NIT Lime Package BDownload
Detailed NIT Lime Package CDownload
NIT JSWBL Cross Country Pump House Contract - Detailed NIT - 03.06.2019Download
NIT JSWBL Limestone Transportation Contract - Detailed NIT - 24.06.2019Download
Statutory Information
RSPCB Half Yearly Compliance Plant (Apr 20 to Sept 20)Download
RSPCB Half Year Battery Return (Apr 20 to Sept 20)Download
MOEF Half Yearly Compliance Report (Apr 20 to Sept 20)Download
Hazard Authorization certificate (Sept 20 - Aug 25)Download
RSPCB-CTO Unit 5 & 6Download
RSPCB-CTO Unit 7 & 8Download
Hazard Waste Yearly Compliance 2019 20Download
Batteries Yearly & Half Yearly Return Form IX & Form VIII 19 20Download
E Waste Annual Return 2019 20Download
Environment Statement Form V Plant FY 2019 20Download
MOEF Half Yearly Compliance Data Oct 19 Mar 20Download
RSPCB Half Yearly Compliance Plant Oct 19 Mar 20Download
MOEF Compliance Oct 18 - Mar 19Download
RSPCB Compliance Oct 18 - Mar 19 - 14-06-2019Download
MOEF Compliance Apr 18 - Sep-18Download
CTO Unit I & II 2020-2021 CPM5618 Dt 27-04-2020 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2023Download
CTO Unit III & IV 2020-2021 CPM 5619 Dt 27-04-2020 01-12-2018 to 30-11-2023Download
HZW authorization (Sep-01-2015 to Aug 31-2020)Download
MOEF Compliance Apr 19 - Sep-19Download
RSPCB Compliance Plant Apr-18 - Sep-18Download
RSPCB Compliance Plant Apr-19 - Sep-19Download
Batteris Compliance 2018-19Download
E-Waste Compliance 2018-19Download
Form V Env Statement Plant 2018-19Download
Hazardous Waste Compliance 2018-19Download
BMW AuthorisationDownload
Capacity Enhance Gov Approval_03.08.2009Download
Defence Clearance_06.12.2006Download
Forest Clearance for Project Land_22.07.2010Download
MOEF Clearance Indian Coal Use_23.03.12Download
MOEF clerance for 8 x 125_20.07.2007Download
MOEF clerance for 8 x 135_19.11.2009Download
RSPCB CTO Colony_01.09.2015 to 31.08.2018Download
RSPCB_CFE_Clearance for 135_04.07.11_RenewedDownload
RSPCB_CFE_Clearance for 8 x 125_15.01.2009Download