Barmer Plant
Extension of Time for Bid Submission for ESP And Limestone Handling System Packages: 19th Aug 2019 Download
Detailed NIT- JSWBL-Lime Handling System Rev-06_H_Thermal_Jun 2019_16-07-2019 Download
Detailed NIT _JSWBL-ESP Up-Gradation_16-07-2019 Download
NIT JSWBL Cross Country Pump House Contract - Detailed NIT - 03.06.2019 Download
NIT JSWBL Limestone Transportation Contract - Detailed NIT - 24.06.2019 Download
Statutory Information
Batteris Compliance 2018-19 Download
E-Waste Compliance 2018-19 Download
Form V Env Statement Plant 2018-19 Download
Form V Env Statement Town 2018-19 Download
Hazardous Waste Compliance 2018-19 Download
BMW Authorisation Download
Environment statement Plant 17-18 17-05-2018 Download
Environment statment colony 17-18 16-05-2018 Download
E-Waste Compliance 17-18 Download
Haz Waste AUTHORISATION Return 17-18 12-04-2018 Download
CTO - Air & Water- Unit 5 & 6 Download
CTO - Air & Water - Unit 7 & 8 Download
Capacity Enhance Gov Approval_03.08.2009 Download
Defence Clearance_06.12.2006 Download
Forest Clearance for Project Land_22.07.2010 Download
Haz Waste Authorisation_25.04.11 to 31.08.2015 Download
MOEF Clearance Indian Coal Use_23.03.12 Download
MOEF clerance for 8 x 125_20.07.2007 Download
MOEF clerance for 8 x 135_19.11.2009 Download
RSPCB CTO Colony_01.09.2015 to 31.08.2018 Download
RSPCB consent to operate Unit-1&2_2x135_ 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2018 Download
RSPCB consent to operate Unit-3&4_2x135_01.11.2015 to 30.11.2018 Download
RSPCB_CFE_Clearance for 135_04.07.11_Renewed Download
RSPCB_CFE_Clearance for 8 x 125_15.01.2009 Download
RWPL_Vigil_Mechanism Download
Raj_WestPower_Limited_CSR_Policy Download
Regulation30(9)_LODR_Revision_in_ratings_RWPL Download