Accelerating the Nation’s Push Towards Net Zero Emissions

At the vanguard of India’s transition to low-emissions energy

JSW Energy Limited is amongst India’s leading independent power producer with total capacity of 9.8 GW. The Company, which is a part of the USD 23 billion JSW Group, is leading the energy transition in India by scaling its renewable energy capacity upwards and foraying into energy products and services.

Strengthening our role in driving decarbonisation and becoming a Net-Zero company

Drawing on our firm foundations, and against the backdrop of climate change challenges, we intend to become a Net Zero company before 2050. We aim to achieve this by becoming predominantly a renewable energy company and pivoting towards energy products and services. Today, we are in a strong position to capitalise on India’s growing appetite to reduce emissions.

Accelerating the nation’s push to Net-Zero emissions

With our deep sector experience, expertise and portfolio strength, we are working towards our goal to become a 10 GW generating company mainly driven by renewables and are well placed to achieve it ahead of the stated timeline of FY 2025. We aim to double our generation capacity further to 20 GW along with 40 GWh / 5 GW of storage capacity by 2030 and 1 GW of solar module manufacturing capacity by April 2025. These significant milestones demonstrate the ongoing value of our business model in helping tackle the emissions reduction challenge which is critical to our future.

Our Purpose

We aim to be India’s leading power generation company, driven by efficient operations and a low carbon footprint. We also aim to transition from pure-play power generation to an energy products and services company. Our purpose is to consistently deliver superior value to our stakeholders, while also being ecologically sensitive through our robust Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices and an inclusive growth strategy. With our vision and purpose aligned with our six strategic pillars, we continue to work on our key objective of meeting India’s growing demand for power sustainably, and powering a safer future.

Our Values


Staying true and delivering what we promise both internally and externally. Consistently striving to ensure results. Being honest and transparent in all our conduct and disclosures. Being responsive to the needs of our stakeholders. Going by the letter and the spirit of the law.


Dreaming big and challenging status quo. Setting high goals for ourselves with confidence and conviction. Trying innovative methods or solutions.


Working together with mutual trust & openness, to forge the path to success for a shared purpose.


Acceptance & managing changes and uncertainty with speed. Openness to learn and adapt.


Caring and being considerate about the impact of our actions on our people, environment and society. Promoting well-being of all, at and beyond work.

Generation Capacity 9,770 MW (as of 31st March, 2023)

Energy Storage 3.4 GWh locked-in (as of 31st March, 2023)

Targets under Strategy 2.0

FY 2030

To become a 20 GW generating

  • 40 GWh / 5 GW storage capacity by 2030
  • 1 GW PV module manufacturing capacity by April 2025
FY 2050

To become carbon neutral

Paving the way in Emerging Growth Platforms

Green Hydrogen

Tapping a significant clean energy market opportunity in India and become a front-runner in a future hydrogen economy including downstream chemicals like green methanol, ethanol and sustainable aviation fuel.

Contracted for 3,800 TPA, India’s largest commercial scale, green hydrogen project for green steel production which is expected to be commissioned within 18-24 months.

Energy Storage (Hydro Pumped Storage and Battery Energy Storage)

Being a leading player in the Energy Storage space and targeting 40 GWh / 5 GW of Energy Storage by 2030. Current locked-in storage capacity of 3.4 GWh with BESS of 1 GWh and PSP of 2.4 GWh.

Energy Services and Products

Developing a high-efficiency Wafer-Cell-Module (W-C-M) manufacturing capacity of 1 GW, allocated under PLI tranche-II, with an strategic intent to utilise solar modules for captive usage. In addition, foraying into green hydrogen derivatives.

Enhancing Value Across the Six Capitals

Financial Capital

Financial Capital plays a crucial role in generating, deploying and accessing other forms of capital. It includes equity, reserves, debt and cashflows to sustain our operations and facilitates our ability to make new investments and enhance returns.

1,478 crore


3,817 crore


18,629 crore

Net Worth

Manufactured Capital

Manufactured Capital includes our best-in-class power plants that help us generate and deliver affordable and quality power. Our plants with advanced technologies help us enhance the reliability of our supply, while managing our environmental footprint.

9.8 GW

Total Capacity

6.6 GW

Installed Capacity

3.2 GW

Under construction
Under construction capacity to be commissioned by CY 2024
Wind: 2,266 MW
Thermal: 700 MW
Hydro: 240 MW

Human Capital

Human Capital encompasses our people with an innovative mindset and diverse abilities that helps us deliver on our desired goals. Our inclusive culture and practices help foster critical skillsets, leadership development, safety and the well-being of our employees.


Number of Employees


Number of Training Manhours

Social & Relationship Capital

Our multi-stakeholder approach helps play a key role in enhancing our ties with communities around our operations and foster long-term stakeholder value.

27.91 crore

Total CSR Spend


Number of Direct Beneficiaries Impacted

Natural Capital

In Natural Capital, our constant focus remains on minimising our environmental footprint with responsible business practices.


Number of fauna species identified at Barmer includes Birds, Butterflies, Insects, Mammals and Reptiles


Number of Saplings Planted

Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital constitutes our industry proficiency, experience, ability to innovate and adopt new technologies that help us deliver operational excellence, transition towards new-age business and become future-ready.

11.10 crore

Investment towards Technology Upgradation

22.40 crore

Investment committed towards Digitalisation

Our Roadmap for Integrated and Sustainable Growth

Being at the forefront of India’s Energy Transition

Our future growth roadmap is guided by our ‘Strategy 2.0’ as we aim to become a 20 GW generating company by 2030. Additionally, in our pursuit to become an energy products and services company, we are aiming for energy storage capacity of 40 GWh / 5 GW by 2030 and solar module manufacturing capacity of 1 GW by April 2025 under the revised strategy. We intend to be a leading player in energy products & services and capitalise on the emerging era of renewable power generation and energy storage.

Pillars for self sustainable and integrated growthStrategy 2.0

Embracing new growth avenues

As a leading player in the energy sector, JSW Energy has formulated a strategic plan to reduce its carbon footprint with an intent to achieve ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions by 2050, or earlier.

We have set a roadmap of achieving 20 GW generation capacity by 2030, with capacity additions mainly driven by renewables. Also, we have a target for 40 GWh / 5 GW of Energy Storage capacity which is a crucial bridge for energy transition to address intermittency issues with renewable energy generation. We have aligned to various climate-related initiatives such as Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi), Global Framework for Decarbonising Heavy Industry, Responsible Energy Initiative India and strengthening investments in renewable energy sources, among others.

During the year, the Company initiated TCFD assessment and appointed reputed ESG consultants who have completed the peer group assessment.

Our commitment and progress towards SBTi demonstrates a common, robust and science-based understanding of Net-Zero, to be achieved through inclusive and transparent disclosures. Our commitment towards climate change initiatives and targets have been accepted at the UN ENERGY COMPACT.

Strategic Reorganisation of our Thermal and Renewable Businesses

The Company has completed the process of reorganisation of its businesses into green and grey whereby the existing and upcoming renewable energy businesses across generation, energy storage, PV module and green hydrogen / ammonia and its derivatives will be housed under JSW Neo Energy.

This reorganisation helps us to build and streamline the renewable portfolio and set up a holding structure for efficient fund-raising and potentially unlocking value for shareholders in future.

Our Nationwide Footprint

Our Pan India Presence as of 31st March 2023

Installed Generation Capacity (6,564 MW) and Locked-in Energy Storage capacity (3.4 GWh)
10 MW group captive solar plants are spread across locations.The above maps are not to scale and are for illustrative purposes only

Geographically-diverse Renewable Assets of Mytrah Energy

Awards & Accolades