At JSW Energy, we are working towards implementing our energy transition journey with a cleaner fuel mix by scaling our portfolio and building greenfield renewable energy assets. Our business model is focussed on building a portfolio of efficient & sustainable solutions and generating significant returns.

To deliver on our promises and realise our true potential, we are working on establishing new-age energy products and services. In addition to solar and wind generation projects, we are (i) progressing towards providing secure and reliable power by investing in Energy Storage Solutions like hydro pumped storage and battery energy storage system, and (ii) foraying into ‘electrons to molecules’ by contracting India’s largest green hydrogen capacity for production of green steel. Our approach for committing capital is delivering significant returns and value to all our stakeholders.

We are the leading sustainable enterprise, having received leadership level (A-) in CDP climate change rating 2022, we are also among the leading company in MSCI ESG rating among Indian producers with thermal portfolio. Our sustainability targets incorporates 17 focus areas with 2030 targets.

Through innovation, technology and products, we have begun delivering on our promise of generating more green energy by judiciously deploying capital in green projects, improving our greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste and water management and aiming no net loss in bio-diversity. We are also calling all our stakeholders in the value chain to join the effort towards net zero.