Financial Capital

Strong balance sheet, steady returns and constant growth

  • ₹18,629 crore Net Worth
  • ₹4,627 crore* in Cash & Cash Equivalents
  • ₹22,180 crore** in Proforma Net Debt
* Includes unencumbered bank balances, FDs, liquid mutual funds and short-term advances (< 3-month maturity) ** Proforma includes 30 SPVs of Mytrah Portfolio Comprising of 1,753 MW

Manufactured Capital

Production capacities, project development and plant efficiencies

  • 6,564 MW Total Generation Capacity
  • 64% Deemed Plant Load Factor

Intellectual Capital

New technologies and innovative practices

  • ₹11.10 crore allocated to technological upgradation

Human Capital

Improved productivity, occupational health & safety and better skillsets

  • 2,310 Employees
  • 39,439 Manhours of training
  • 9,632 Online training hours
  • 55% Increase in login on e-learning portal
  • 0 fatality across operations

Social & Relationship Capital

Continually engaging with stakeholders, maintaining strong ethics

  • 18,466 Individuals provided access to safe drinking water in 40 villages
  • ₹27.91 crore spent on CSR Activities

Natural Capital

Conserving natural resources and increasing generation of renewable energy

  • 100% Fly Ash Utilisation
  • 26.2 million m3 Total water consumptio
  • 0.45 Kg/KWh Combined coal consumption of all plants

Client Solutions

Developing and creating state-of-the-art solutions directed towards better customer service and initiatives supporting zero-carbon transformation.

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We have a wide presence across the value chain – in power generation (thermal, hydro and solar), power transmission, and power trading.

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Transitioning to Renewables

Growing our Wind, Solar and Hydro Assets portfolio to become a renewable energy company predominantly


Adopting an Inclusive Approach

Considering all stakeholders before taking business decisions


Being an Energy Partner

Being an ‘Energy Partner’ rather than an ‘Energy Supplier’, with strong PPAs and supply side linkages


Being Technologically Agile

Being strongly focussed on maintaining the technological curve by imbibing global best practices


Regulatory Environment

Being aligned with regulations to achieve business goals and investment objectives


Becoming Net Zero

Supporting India in combating global warming and climate change


Operational Excellence

Maintaining efficient operations and optimal performance to earn best returns on our assets


Financial Discipline

Strengthening our balance sheet and maintaining enough headroom for growth and sustained value creation


Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a strong and continuous contribution towards improving our nation and helping social communities grow

Internal Environment

  • Result Oriented
  • Service Excellence
  • Reliable Supply Chain
  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Commitment to Society & Environment
  • Integrity, Transparency & Business Ethics
  • People Development

External Environment

  • Economic Environment
  • Movements in Industry
  • Regulations
  • Environment Policies
  • Technological Developments
  • Evolving Business Models
  • Human & Labour Rights


Through our business activities, we move forward in achieving sustainable growth

  • 33.92 MUs Energy Savings
  • 33,719 Saplings planted
  • 1.39 million MT Non-hazardous waste utilised (ash)

Competitively Ahead

Continuing on our business strategies and strength to demonstrate market leadership

  • ₹10,867 crore in Total Revenues
  • 35% EBITDA margin
  • 18% Cash Profit to Adjusted Net Worth

Future Oriented

Treading on our path towards a brighter future

  • 657 MW Installed Solar plants
  • 1,391 MW Installed Hydro plants
  • ₹22.40 crore Invested in digitalisation
  • 2,506 MW Under construction renewable projects

Bringing People Together

Growing productivity and improving stakeholder engagement

  • ESOP scheme for employees
  • More than 3,000 Suppliers and Vendors

Community Centric

Sharing our success with communities we are surrounding by

  • 2,33,021 Total CSR beneficiaries
  • ₹5.37 crore community development
  • ₹5.37 crore community development