Our Inspire Institute of Sports Shines Bright with 17 Medals at Asian Games

Fueling India's Olympic Dreams!

Our Inspire Institute of Sports has once again demonstrated their excellence, securing a phenomenal 17 medals for Team India at the prestigious Asian Games 2022.  These remarkable athletes are continuously setting the bar higher, and their dedication is a source of immense pride for our nation.  We've achieved an astonishing feat after six decades – a record-breaking 107 medals at the Asian Games, marking a remarkable 52% increase from 2018

In an Exclusive Interview with ET, here's what Mr Parth Jindal Responded

How is JSW supporting the young, upcoming athletes in terms of managing them in brand sponsorships, nurturing emerging talent and other relevant details.

JSW Sports is the only sports brand in India with capabilities and expertise to manage both the development and the commercial management of athletes. This ensures that our athletes have a one stop shop for all their training & commercial requirements.  

On the commercial side, we work with a wide roster of athletes ranging from Olympic Heroes and Icons such as Neeraj Chopra and Sakshi Mallik to athletes with high degree of future potential such as Sreeshankar & Jemimah as well as younger athletes such as Linthoy (First-ever World Champion in Judo) who are showing promising signs for India. Each and every athlete is in a different stage of their career which directly affects their relevance for sponsors/media and hence we invest a lot of effort in their media training & positioning to carve out a tailormade talent marketing strategy for every athlete. 

On the Training side, we have Inspire Institute of sport, India's largest Olympic Sports Development Program and the first privately funded high-performance training facility. Great emphasis is given on the holistic development of our athletes through our interventions in education, communication skills and personality development to prepare our athletes for life and become well-rounded individuals. 

Which of the Athletes (Asian Games 100 medals' winners) would JSW be representing and managing going forward?

At the just concluded Asian Games, India was represented by  31 Athletes supported by JSW Sports. Our (JSW Sports supported)  Athletes  were responsible for bringing home 17 medals out of India's total medal tally of 107. Additionally, we have also supported the entire boxing and shooting contingent representing India at the just concluded Asian Games through our partnership with NRAI and BFI. 

The big success story for Indian sport at the Asian Games has not only been about crossing the overall 100 medal mark but the rise of Indian athletics at the global stage which was led by some brilliant performances by JSW Sports represented athletes including Neeraj Chopra, who threw a season-best 88.88m to defend his gold and become the reigning Olympic, World and Asian Champion ; Avinash Sable who blazed a trail in the 3000m steeplechase to earn a gold and Parul Chaudhari who created history by becoming the first ever woman to secure Gold medal in the 5000 metre event. We are very strategic in selecting Olympic athletes aligned with the core disciplines we are present in.