Sustainable Steel

Steel is a uniquely sustainable material because once it is made it can be used, as steel, forever. It can be infinitely recycled, making it a product that is used and not consumed. The investment in making steel is never wasted and can be capitalized on by future generations. Maintaining this philosophy, JSW Steel is committed to making more sustainable steel products.

A classic example to share will be the Non-Grain Oriented Fully Processed (NGOFP) electrical grade of steel. JSW Steel developed products like electrical steel which helped reduce core losses, further reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. NGOFP electrical steel used for building laminated cores for a wide range of motors – provides an excellent example in terms of a sustainable product. 50C1000 is one such grade which fulfills a wide range of applications from small electrical appliances to small size motors.

This grade is mostly used with C5 and C3 insulation coatings. The grade was developed with lower alloying content without compromising the electromagnetic properties. Superior properties have been achieved at par with international benchmark levels by carefully designing the alloying elements and processing parameters. Since this application segment focuses on home appliances, this puts up the requirement of lower watt loss with better magnetic induction values.

In addition to that, steel also central to our current transport systems, infrastructure, housing, manufacturing, agriculture, water, and energy supply. At JSW Group, we believe that steel is critical to sectors and technologies that will enable and drive a green economy.

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